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Simplex Newspaper II - An advance version of old Newspaper template


Update : If Slider Can't Work ,You Can Download The Fixed Version With Download Link Provided In This Post ,Or You Can See Here For Solution If Don't Want To Re-Install This Template

In the early days of Simplex Design blog ,I introduced to you template Simplex Newspaper . It's a good template for news portal . And now ,I want to show you the Newspaper II ,an advance version ofNewspaper template before . This template has more sections for news ,breaking news ,and gallery .It's also support Lightbox effect which is not supported good in older . 

Live Demo | Download

pass giải nén: tinhoc360

Here Is Instruction To Install This Template 

1,Download this template

2,Open template in any word editor you have .

3,To change logo and banner ,find this code
<div id="sitename">
                 <a class="name" expr:href='data:blog.homepageUrl'>
                      <span id="name1stRow">SIMPLEX</span>
                     <span id="name2ndRow">NEWSPAPER II</span>
and change  <span id="name1stRow">SIMPLEX</span>
                     <span id="name2ndRow">NEWSPAPER II</span> to your logo

4,Find this code :
                         <li><a href="" class="gab_rss">Latest Posts in RSS</a></li>
                         <li><a title="" rel="nofollow" href="" class="gab_rss">Latest Comments in RSS</a></li>
                         <li><a title="" rel="nofollow" href="" class="gab_email">Subscribe by e-mail</a></li>        
                         <li><a title="" rel="nofollow" href="" class="gab_twitter">Follow us on Twitter</a></li>    
                         <li><a title="" rel="nofollow" href="" class="gab_facebook">Connect on Facebook</a></li>                
and change the link to your social network account .

6,To show categories in homepage ,find this code :
label1 = &quot;finance&quot;;
Title1 = &quot;FINANCE&quot;;

label2 = &quot;travel&quot;;
Title2 = &quot;TRAVEL&quot;;

label3 = &quot;breakingnews&quot;;
Title3 = &quot;BREAKING NEWS&quot;;

label4 = &quot;technology&quot;;
Title4 = &quot;TECHNOLOGY&quot;;

label5 = &quot;business&quot;;
Title5 = &quot;BUSINESS&quot;;

label6 = &quot;africa&quot;;
Title6 = &quot;AFRICA&quot;;

label7 = &quot;asia&quot;;
Title7 = &quot;ASIA&quot;;

label8 = &quot;americas&quot;;
Title8 = &quot;AMERICAS&quot;;

label9 = &quot;europe&quot;;
Title9 = &quot;EUROPE&quot;;

label10 = &quot;racing&quot;;
Title10 = &quot;RACING&quot;;

label11 = &quot;football&quot;;
Title11 = &quot;FOOTBALL&quot;;

label12 = &quot;basketball&quot;;
Title12 = &quot;BASKETBALL&quot;;

label13 = &quot;swimming&quot;;
Title13 = &quot;SWIMMING&quot;;

label14 = &quot;gallery&quot;;
Title14 = &quot;GALLERY&quot;;

label15 = &quot;feature&quot;;
Title15 = &quot;FEATURE&quot;;
and change value of each label and title variable to the category you want to show latest posts in homepage . Position of each label is in picture bellow :

This step is similar to what we did with Simplex Enews and Simplex Fashion ...

7,Save template and upload it to Blogger .Go to Page element

8,To add links to top and footer navigation bar ,click on edit link in Top Category and Footer Category widget . Link to each widget has structure ' '

9,To add adverts ,click on edit link in rightcolbanner ,upperads,mainpageads and paste your advert script (Adsense ,for example )

10,To add video ,click on edit link in daily video and paste your video embed code .

11,Save template you are done .

Note : 
-There's a gallery in this template ,to show your post in gallery ,add a label 'gallery' to post .
-All posts need a label to show up ,if you forget to add label ,sometime ,posts will not be shown .
-Fill all categories with posts to make this template running in good condition .
-Lightbox effect is integrated in this template (See it here) .To apply this effect for each image in your blog  :
   + In post editor window ,click on edit HTML mode .
   + Use this structure for each image :
<a href="big-size-image" rel="lightbox"><img src="small-size-image"/></a>


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