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Top 5 Docks for Windows 8

Undoubtedly Windows 8 is a well known Operating System and considered the best creation as it comes with lots of features but still needs for better design and decoration is not fulfilled. We users, always look for much better tweaks, interactivity and customization on our desktop.
Well, here comes a list of Top 5 Docks for Windows 8 which would help you to give better customization to your Windows 8 OS and make it more decorative. Well, Docks are programs that have the ability to customize your Windows and certainly help to give better look to your system. Well, customizations means that it would give a new interface to your system by adding new icons, wallpapers, task bar, tweaks and as such,it would completely change the look and make your system more attractive.
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Top 5 Docks for Windows 8

We can find lots of docs obtainable over the web but here I’ve listed the Top 5 Docks as they have lots of tweaks and features which give you the best results and interface. Below is the list of those docks along with their details.

1. RocketDock for Windows 8

RocketDock is the best application to give a thrilling look to your OS. This program, RocketDock comes with various 3D effects, backgrounds, icons, hover effects, shortcuts and many more. The programs is really handy, easy to set and user-friendly as well. RocketDock also has many other set of icons and skins which can give a much better and stunning look to your OS. So, try this program as it’s easy to use and moreover, this utility consumes very less memory from your system.               

2. ObjectDock for Windows 8

This one is also a great dock and a cool alternative toRocketDock but this one has more function-ability for users. It’s obtainable for free and comes with some features like that of beautiful icons, themes, menu-bar, hover effects, etc. and does many other functions in it which will make your OS amazing. Another plus point of this Dock is Easy Navigation as it comes with new shortcuts integrated with sparkling effect which is just awesome.                  

3. CircleDock for Windows 8

I consider CircleDock is a unique program brought up for all users. It will create a circular dock with many rings into it and after that it is your wish that how many items you want to place on that ring. The circle dock is really amazing in terms of looks as it has pleasant rotating effect along with advanced hovering. You can configure all elements of the Dock like minimum radius, the center button actions, the dock items, animation, etc.

4. Dell Dock

Well, this program is quite simple Dock and similar to the ones I have mentioned above. Still, many people really like this program as it comes with several features like animation effect, hover effect, icons, etc. Additionally, this program will have numerous animation and hovering options available. Well, this application is powered by Dell and associated with StarDock Company.               

5.  xWindows Dock

This Dock is like a unique application. This is finely designed for Windows 7 and has plugins support. The dock has great features namely – bouncing effects, animation effects, 3D effects, etc. After you install it on your computer, you will see a pleasant look in your system experience and enjoy it.
So folks, I hope all the docks above are high-quality and you’ll try them to customize your Operating System.

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