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Pinterest Blogger Template


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Blog Template Name: Pinterest Blogger Template
Template Type : Free Blogger Template
Author: Bbogtemplates |
Designer: Bbogtemplates
Basic Instructions : How to install a Blogger template
Descriptions: Pinterest For Blogger Templates inspired Pinterest designed to showcase your posts in a slick, dynamic wall that arranges itself beautifully based on the user’s screen size. Also bundled is the ‘Dynamic filter’ plugin that lets your users filter your posts dynamically with one click. Pinterest is a large mashup of your posts on a dynamic Pinterest like wall. Watch the wall reorganize itself based on the user’s screen size. .
Properties : 4 Columns, 1 Left Sidebar, White, Fixed width, Bookmark Ready, seo, photologs, Gallery.
Tags:   Pinterest Blogger Template ,Pinterest B Template ,Pinterest Blogger Theme,Pinterest Blogspot Theme ,
Pinterest Blogspot Template.

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