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Development of Bluzelle

It is the end of July and the public has now had a full month of access using the Lovelace public testnet, which came out at the end of June, 2018.
To recap, the Bluzelle team was successful in deploying our public testnet to the public on time and with the promised features. Developers have already been testing and putting the network to use in various projects. Several events including hackathonsmeetups, and the like have given Lovelace the opportunity to demonstrate the power of Bluzelle’s swarming database.
In particular, in July, the Bluzelle team provided technical live demos of Lovelace in action at various exciting events throughout the world including:
  • SG Innovate, Singapore, July 2nd
  • Bitcoin Wednesday, Amsterdam, July 4th
  • Beijing, July 9th
  • Hangzhou, July 10th
  • Shanghai, July 11th
  • Hack.Summit() Virtual Hackathon, July 9–11
  • Portal Networks Hackathon, Seoul, July 14–15
  • dAppCon, Berlin, July 19–20
  • Blockchain + Data Science Meetup, Vancouver, July 26
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